Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Morning Musings-Interesting WaPo piece on Ah-nold's political future, pulling up one more movie title (that I haven't seen applied yet) from his cinemography-The Running Man. I don't see him losing unless a credible Democrat opposes him. I think he's good for a 25% base among moderate and libertarian Republicans, independents and some soccer mom Democrats. If the race is merely he, a conservative Republican a la Bill Simon and a number of Sister and Brother Boom-Booms from leftist interest groups, Schwarzenegger wins 45-30. The one way to beat him would be to have Democrats rally around one champion and conservatives have at least two different flavors; there, Favored Donkey could sneak in with a 33-28 win over Schwarzenegger. Interesting ESPN piece on whether the rape charge would give Kobe any street cred. The piece plays with the idea only to reject it; Kobe's a suburban kid that has some cred by merely being a good player. He doesn’t have the gun waiving, authority-dissing persona to benefit from this. This is a sad case but an inspiring one; the Iranian Siamese twins who had surgery to separate themselves died in the attempt. For some reason, using it as a metaphor of preaching the Gospel in Islamic territory comes to mind; it promises freedom to people yet could easily kill them. Many opposed the operation, favoring a safe binding rather than risky freedom. The Iranian gals opted for the risky freedom and lost their gamble; may God have mercy on those two.

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