Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Morning Musings-I don't think this Dixie Chicks Rock the Vote thing is a political statement as much as it is a marketing ploy. The RtV people are left-wing, yes, but I think what may well be going on is a move away from a country persona. They've already modeled themselves as half-pop and half-country and may feel that they have greener pastures on the pop side. By working with an MTV staple, they set themselves up to get more pop airplay as they distance themselves from Red State political values while still keeping their country fans. Willie Nelson with halter tops, anyone? He's left-leaning, too, and still keeps a country following. Could Willie and the Chicks play at the GM benefit concert in Flint next month-Lemon Aid? :-) I'm still not quite getting why the Teamsters are gung-ho protectionists, unless its merely for solidarity with rustbelt factory workers. If we have free trade deals with Chile and Singapore, we'll have more goods coming and going, some of which will need to go on trucks driven by Teamsters. They should be in favor of economic growth that creates more goods and more goods being transported by their truckers. Someone within the Teamsters might ask Jimmy Hoffa 2.0 "Fewer jobs is a good thing? How does this sucking up to the shoprat unions improve my paycheck?"

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