Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Morning Musings-A happy Canada Day for my friends north of the border. The Loonie's doing well against the US dollar, despite the current administration in Ottawa. You may have trouble defining what a Canadian is without calling yourselves the kinder, gentler US, but you're good folks and good neighbors. Enjoy your national day.
"Do they have the Fourth of July in Canada?" "No." "Do they go straight from the third to the fifth?"
Both Miami and Virginia Tech signed off on ACC expansion; Ben has the lowdown, positing Louisville as a possible twelfth team. I'm not sure of the merits of this, wanting to move the Homeland Security secretary to #5 on the cabinet presidential succession list rather than last. Traditionally, the department go by seniority; the oldest department (State) is behind the Speaker of the House and President Pro Tem of the Senate, while the newest department is last. What's wrong with President Norton? I don't like this for two reasons. First, it monkeys with tradition; I'm not sure if we want to start a tradition of tweaking the lists to put a favored guy or gal higher on the list. Second, this will give Ridge too much props, helping people who want to take his near-RINO persona and pump him up as a 2008 candidate. A week ago, I saw this WaPo piece on Volkswagen closing the Mexican plant that was the last producer of the Beetle/Bug. I chuckled at the time at this phrase
The 1969 goofball classic movie, "The Love Bug," about a Beetle named Herbie, spawned fan clubs and books and gave the world a reason to ponder Buddy Hackett.
Well, Buddy assumed ambient temperature yesterday. Sorta a 60s version of John Candy, he got into a lot of good comedies-It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World would be one that would be worth grabbing from the oldies bin of the video store.

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