Monday, July 28, 2003

Morning Musings-Add one more name to the hopper for the Cereal State runoff via the Talking Dog: Gary Condit-"...Gary has name recognition. Oy, does Gary have name recognition. " Interesting BBC piece on Castro ripping the EU
The EU was until recently seen as an economic lifeline for the ailing Socialist state. Relations deteriorated rapidly in early June, however, when it raised the prospect of sanctions over the Cuba's mass imprisonment of dissidents. The EU was a "group of old colonial powers historically responsible for slave trafficking, looting and even the extermination of entire peoples", Mr Castro told his audience.
And your escapades in Grenada and Angola were just efforts to better the peoples of the world, right. At least Castro gets his rhetoric at the proper level of high dungeon; the EU reply sound straight out of The Onion.
In its response, the European Commission said it wished to "stress its commitment to continue supporting the Cuban people and in particular those most in need".
"Those most in need" would be just about the entire Cuban people who isn't a high-level crony of Fidel. However, that is only a warmup for this knee-slapper at the end of the piece.
His country has gone from being the third-richest in Latin America to one of the poorest. Its economy now relies heavily on funds sent from Cubans abroad and on tourism, much of which stems from the EU. Untold numbers of Cubans flee the island every year, trying to cross to nearby Florida - including via a truck turned into a raft this week. However, Cuba can still boast good healthcare and education
As long as you have free healthcare, all is forgiven to the BBC writer. Which award does Sullivan give to such suck-upitude to leftist dictators?

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