Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Midday Musings-Preston and Regan have moved the Junkyard Blog over to MT. The center text column needs some widening, but otherwise looking good. It won't change world politics, but Rush Limbaugh is going to be part of ESPN's NFL pregame show, doing a opening essay and given the right to buzz in up to three times a show. I haven't listed to his show much lately, but I did just now (lazy summer schedule has me in the car wandering in at noon) his sub today posited the thought of the fun Rush could have if he could interrupt Peter Jennings three times a show. I'm getting a steady trickle of Google hits for "triclavianism." I had posted on it back last month, which seemed to prompt a rebuttal from Objective Ministries, who posted a clarification the day I called them on their steadfast opposition to the doctrine. How do you say "Admiral 2.0" in Czechoslovakian? The Spurs signed Radoslav Nesterovic today, filling a gap left by David Robinson's retirement. He won't fully replace Robinson, but he's a legit 7-footer who can score in double-figures. It appears the Spurs may be taking the Oakland As school of shopping, replacing a superstar in parts, picking up two good free agents rather than one big-ticket player. Claudette is making landfall between Corpus Christi and Galveston; looks like my in-laws are in for a wet time of it today up in Houston.

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