Monday, July 28, 2003

Midday Musings-I don't have much to blog about Bob Hope's passing. He'd been out of the limelight for over a decade, but his name brings a warm feeling to this forty-something. Goofiness at his golf Pro-Am (and Bing's). USO stuff. Corny TV specials and even cornier old movies. He was a breed of comic entertainer that few people actively disliked, unless you were one of those counter-culture types that saw Hope as Americana personified. While were on the subject of oldies but goodies, Eileen and I have found ourselves watching Ed Sullivan reruns that one of our PBS outlets runs on Saturday nights. I don't remember them much as a kid and Eileen post-dates the shows, so they're an interesting glimpse into pop culture of the 50s and 60s, from pop stars of the era to divas and tenors to kitschy animal acts to clean comedians. We may watch less of that once we reacquire cable (we found that going without, both for the lack of good reception and meager clean quality network fare, was tougher than we thought), but it reminds me of how gross modern TV culture has become. _____ "Mommy, mommy! I wanna grow up to be a water cop!" Yes, another generation ready to protect us against out of control Orlando suburbia. This is one that shows how tempest has fugited-Olympic diver Bruce Kimball's trying to get a drivers license fifteen years after he killed two kids in a DUI accident. It doesn't seem like that long ago; as a U of M grad, that was a big story in Michigan at the time.

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