Monday, July 21, 2003

Midday Musings-For all of you who are Googling in on "Kobe Rape" stuff, it looks more and more like he might be getting a bum rap. The young woman in question seems to be a bit unstable, possibily suicidal in the recent past. Other reports have her sounding like she was striving for her 15 minutes of fame. However, such blaming-the-accuser is a common spin put on by a defendant in a rape case or other case where sex is an issue; note the spin that Clinton's defenders tried to put on Monica. It's sometimes called the Nuts and Sluts defence; you question their sanity and their sexual history. One problem that Kobe still has is the fact that, at minimum, he was having sex with a woman other than his wife. Even if the young woman is making up rape claims after the fact, he still is showing "poor judgement," as a secular commentator might say. He wasn't marketing himself as a God-fearing guy, but this will knock him down a peg among people who like their role models to stay away from adultery. It's nice to see Berlusconi get the Crawford treatment. As the titular head of the EU, he's a very good agent-in-place for the US. This trip will surely make the Paleoeuropeans squirm. Speaking of squirming, the Beeb seems to be spinning at quasar speed on David Kelly; note that the word "suicide" is not found again today in the text of their coverage, only in a picture caption.

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