Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Louder's Goodby-Louder Fenn seems to have hung up the mouse, retiring his blog. He's scaled back his blogging to a weekly basis as of late; I'll put him in the "In Hibernation" column just in case he wants to change his mind. Louder seems to now have a ladyfriend, who may take up some of the free time he used to blog with. I can't see quitting blogging anytime soon, for I have lots of on-line friends in the Blogosphere that I enjoy dealing with and lots of people who enjoy what I'm doing. Maybe if I had more of a brick-and-mortar life, with stimulating intelectual conversation, I'd be less interested in blogging, but I, for now, enjoy the give-and-take of this art. One of the people I liked to interact with was Louder. Godspeed, sir. Don't be a stranger.

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