Sunday, July 13, 2003

Letters from a Birmingham Hotel-I wanted to use that headline Friday morning, but I couldn't get the hotel phone to hook up to AOL. The next time I head through Alabama, I'm going to ask if I can get a day membership in the Axis of Weevil. I know that I don't meet most of the other good-'ol-boy requirements for membership, but if I may invoke the greater spirit of Calvinball and get Terry Oglesby (a.k.a. Possumblog) to do a creative waiving of the AoW rules.

birmingham hotel
The hotel is ideally located in Birmingham near to the city centre, airport, NEC and just one mile away from the famous Bull Ring shopping complex.
Birmingham Hotels The Luxury Apartments & Hotels is located in Birmingham near The Mailbox, city centre, Brindley Place or approx 7 minutes walk from the International Convention Centre (ICC), the National Indoor Arena (NIA) and Broad Street. Hotels in Birmingham are very comfortable and provide all kinds of modern facilities and amenities to the people visiting Birmingham. People are really entertained by staying at these luxury hotels.
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