Monday, July 07, 2003

The Gospel as Anti-Semitism?-That's the bum rap that Mel Gibson is getting for his upcoming Jesus biopic, The Passion. Here's a piece on a screening given to some evangelical leaders, including a delegation from Focus on the Family. The movie seems to be a straight-forward telling of the crucifixion story as far as all the reports that have come out. The problem with a straight-forward telling of the Gospel is that is make Jesus the only way to God, and that's just not PC. Thus, liberals or activists of other faiths, will want something extra to throw at this, and trying to resurrect the charge of deicide is an effort to mute the message of Jesus' resurrection. The Jewish leaders of the day were instrumental in getting Jesus executed. However, that doesn't mean that Judiasm en masse carries that collective guilt today. We all, Jew and Gentile, carry that collective guilt, for our sins neccesitated the need for the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Those first-century priests were merely tools God used to carry out His ultimate sacrifice. To say that Jesus died for our sins isn't anti-Jewish, it's pro-God. Of course, Jews have the option to ignore the Messiah's first coming and await his second trip, but they do so at their own spiritual peril.

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