Sunday, July 13, 2003

Evening Musings-While I was up north, Gaans Deens finally got his Superblessed site up and running. The side link has been changed accordingly. His unborn unit's a boy, named Nathan (July 2 post). Kevin points out pending trouble in Buckeyland; Maurice Clarett was given substitute oral exams for a class he dropped out of. I've sung as much praise of Jim Tressel as a Michigan fan can; now he needs to clean house if the allegations are true. I don't know whether the NFL would let him play this year if he's kicked out of OSU-in the past, they've held secondary drafts for players whose eligability changed after draft day. Say a prayer for Eileen; she's got what looks to be a good job opportunity possibly coming her way tomorrow, if our contact is correct. We'll know more tomorrow.

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