Monday, July 07, 2003

Evening Musings-Odd evening; I wound up calling 911 for my grandma-in-law as Eileen and her mom tended to a badly bleeding wound on her head from a fall. Mother-in-law suggested otherwise and asked me to hang up about two seconds after I called and called one of her nurse-sisters in town. Interestingly, about two minutes after Eileen's aunt arrived, so did a Rockford policeman checking on the 911. Aunt and cop helped Grandma up off of the floor and into aunt's van for trip to hopspital. Everythings OK, Grandma's watching TV with her head patched up and an icebag on it. While mother-in-law and aunt went off to hospital, Eileen and I stayed behind to look after cousins in aunt's tow. I also now know how to get blood-stains out of a carpet for <horror film music> future career options</horror film music> . On a even more somber note, via C-Log, Christian personal finance guy Larry Burkette died today. I didn't always agree with his rather legalistic approaches to things, but he's done many people a great favor by geting them to take a hard look on how they spend their money. Spike Lee's given up stopping the renaming of TNN to Spike TV. Justice is served.

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