Friday, July 04, 2003

Evening Musings-I'm sucessfully gotten us into Rockford and Eileen's grandma's house; Eileen and her mom are out grocery shopping, while Grandma's reading the paper. Here's some light reading for the day; Josh has posted the Declaration of Independence. Well, it looks like Ah-nold will have Total Recall 2 along side T3. The recall effort has more signatures than they need already, but are looking for a 25% cushion to protect against petition-challenge issues. Thanks to Ben for the link. Barry White died. Well, I guess I'll have to cite James Earl Jones when bronchitis gives me a basso profundo voice. Vancouver gets the 2010 Winter Games. I've not been there, but Vancouver has the reputation as one of the prettier cities around; San Francisco without the baggage. For the sake of the residents of BC, let's hope that the organizers bring it in on budget; Montreal is still paying for the cost overruns from '76.

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