Monday, July 07, 2003

Evening Humor-One from yesterday's sermon-
Up in Wisconsin, a young man grew up across the lake from town and heard how both his dad and grandpa, on their 21st birthday, walked across the lake for their first legal brew. July comes, and our boy comes of age. He's dead set to do the same thing his male kin had done, and makes it about 50 feet into the lake before the water's over his head. Grandpa comes by as the kid wades back out of the water, and cuffs the kid upside the head-"Doofus! Your dad was born in Janurary and I was born in February; the lake's frozen solid then!"
Here's one that was making the rounds in late March that my mother in law brought to my attention. You may have seen it, but I didn't
You are the President of the U.S.A. and you've just learned that there is an asteroid headed for France that will wipe out their entire country. It is scheduled to hit about 2.30 a.m. in just two days time from now. You have sufficient ships and military personnel nearby to evacuate them safely, but they are on stand-by in case of war with Iraq. Your question: do you set the VCR to record the asteroid hitting France, or do you stay up to watch it live?
Heck, this doesn't happen every day-stay up and watch it live. I like this third option that a later writer added
3) WHY NOW? The U. S. ''needs more time'' to consider the request for evacuation. We need absolute proof that there is a meteor. The alleged meteor is not visible to the naked eye. U.N. meteor inspectors should be sent to astronomical observatories next month to spend 90 days carefully examining photographic evidence of the alleged meteor, and then present their findings to the Security Council. The reason for the request should be carefully evaluated, and the U.N. should be asked to fully debate the subject and then give UNANIMOUS consent to a resolution showing that the whole world supports the request. The U. S. should not act unilaterally, hastily, precipitously, nor preemptively. EVERY member nation should contribute ships to the effort before the U. S. takes any action whatsoever.
One final one from Eileen's uncle. What do you call a smart blonde? A golden retriever.

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