Friday, July 11, 2003

Edifier du Jour-Mark 9:38-41
38 John said to Him, "Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we tried to prevent him because he was not following us." 39 But Jesus said, "Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me. 40 "For he who is not against us is for us. 41 "For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.
I’ve had a spiritually-interesting couple of days, as Eileen and I went to the funeral of her mom’s cousin Sandy, who was a de-facto extra aunt for Eileen, as her grandma loved on Sandy like an extra daughter. Sandy was active in the local Lutheran (Missouri Synod, IIRC) church where the service was held Wednesday. Once I got past the old-school liturgy and the five-foot-high pulpit, the sermon provided a solid salvation message for all those people who only darken the door of a church for weddings and funerals. “Despite” the traditional baggage, the Gospel was getting through. Yesterday morning, as we were heading south through Illinois, I cruised the bottom part of FM dial for a good Christian channel to listen to and found a good discussion about the theology of the Holy Spirit. The guy was spot-on and I glossed over a part where I thought I heard the guy referencing the Pope; nah, this is too solid a preaching to be Catholic. Think again, Mark. It was an Eternal Word Network radio channel, and the guy in question was a Catholic priest. I’d have to do some research (or bleg my Catholic blog buddies) on which encyclical it was, but the good father was referencing a papal piece on the Holy Spirit that was theologically sound as he fielded questions from a studio audience. Good preaching isn’t quite the same as driving out demons, but if the Gospel is being preached and the person is expanding God’s kingdom, I’m willing to cut the preacher some slack on theological details. Not too much slack, mind you, I’m not compromising on core evangelical principals. However, if they’re showing the fruit of the Spirit, they’re one of the good guys.

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