Saturday, July 12, 2003

Economically Challenged-Dick Gephardt had this doozy earlier this week while stumping in an Iowa union hall
Just understand that when I'm president I will work against and I will never sign a trade treaty of any kind that will send our jobs and our money and our welfare off to the highest bidder around this world...
I guess he wants Joe Shoprat to lose his job, since he is the highest bidder. It's cheaper labor from overseas that is the lowest bidder. Tricky Dick 2.0 is trying to outflank everyone on protectionism and might just suceed. Let's go crossing over to John Edwards' economic whopper- he wants to give "a 10 percent tax cut for companies which resist the temptation to relocate their operations overseas." Let's pull out Squeeze's Tempted out of the oldie bin for bumper music. How the heck do you quantify such temptation? Stick to the $5,000 first-time homebuyer credit, John-I can actually use that and quantify when I buy a home.

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