Thursday, July 24, 2003

Do I Have to Choose?-Kevin Holtsberry had an interesting post-"If I had to vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate who would it be?" He then list the various candidates and their qualities or lack thereof. Like all of the respondants to date, I opted for Lieberman. He's the least liberal and most moral of the candidates. He's also, in a dry, earnest way, a likeable guy. There's also a higher degree of trustworthiness there than the rest of the field; he may kiss the rings of the various party groups, but he would seem to be less likely to do something against the interest of the country in general than the rest of the field. Gephardt would be my second choice, but a distant second; he's the least idiotarian of the rest of the pack and is the most positive as well. He has drifted to the left over the years, but has some common sence that seems to be lacking in the rest of the field. He'd also be, of the candidates, the one I'd like to have lunch with at the school cafeteria, shooting the bull over a cold beverage of choice (although the choices are limited; feel free to translate to cocktail party for your mental game). He's a happy warrior, a rare breed these days. Graham would seem to by a third choice, but there is a bitterness and bile there that turns me off from his gravitas. He's also far more liberal than he lets on. Edwards and Kerry are self-seeking Alpha Male types that are after their interest and not yours; any passion they have is mostly of ambition and not compassion. Dean, Mosely Braun and Sharpton are very angry and bitter; that's not attractive to me regardless of politics. Angry may sell to some, but not to me. Sharpton may have a friendly side to him when he's off stage, but his race-baiting puts him dead last on the list. I actually have a soft spot for Dennis the Menace. He may be a loony socialist, but he's a friendly loony socialist. I remember him doing some commentary work for one of the Cleveland TV channels in the early 90s between gigs as mayor and congressman, and he seemed fairly congenial. Even in his mayoral days, he seemed likeable even as he was too tightly wound and too much a populist crusader. Edwards might be my third choice to vote for, but Kucinich would be my third choice to hang out with.

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