Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Byron Transition Team Has First Scandal-
The New York Times, in it's December 12, 2008 edition, reported that Secretary of Health and Human Services designate Dr. Five Points has links to sites supporting white culture. Dr. Points' web site has a link under "blogs I read" to Lawrence Auster's View From the Right, who had this to say of the culture war back in 2003
The great problem is that at present, though whites constitute the actual majority of the country, they have no political or cultural existence as the majority. Not only do whites fail to represent themselves as a group, but many of them think it is immoral and un-American for a white person even to think of himself as being white. Whites thus have no identity as whites, nor or they allowed to have any. Within the terms of our current order, whites as whites are nothing, even as non-white groups aggressively assert their own group identities and are endowed—by that same passive white majority!—with official and favored status. This problem returns us to the problem of “inevitability.” Whites are now allowing themselves to be moved toward cultural and national extinction because they accept the assumption that whiteness is an illegitimate category that cannot be morally—or safely—asserted. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. To paraphrase a famous passage by the Abbé Sieyès in his pamphlet Qu’est-ce que le tiers état? (What is the Third Estate?), which began the French Revolution: 1. What is European America? The historic majority culture and people of this country. 2. What is it now in the political order? Nothing. 3. What does it want to be? Something.… If the white majority, instead of being nothing, as is now the case, became something, if whites began saying, “We are a white-majority, Western country and we intend to remain so,” that by itself would alter the entire suicidal dynamic in which we are now trapped. For one thing, non-European people would get the message that America is not simply a blank slate for them to write their own national story on, an open frontier for them to expand their own peoplehood into, or a guilt-ridden entity for them to demand special privileges from, but that there is a historic people and culture in this country that happens to have its own views on those matters.
Dr. Points has not been available for comment, but a spokesman for the Byron transition team released this statement-"We have full confidence in Dr. Points. Senator Byron has linked to sights he doesn't agree with in the past, and the mere fact that Dr. Points reads, or even links to, some paleoconservatives doesn't disqualify him from office."
One of Auster's greatest hits from a year ago was even more interesting, equating modern conservatives as descendents of the Jacobeans that won the French Revolution
This broadly Jacobinist pattern can take many forms, some totalitarian, some (initially) free, but all of them—because they all seek to impose a single egalitarian or other rationalistic idea on the world and thus destroy existing cultural distinctions—leading to the end of cultural, political, and individual freedom. The traditional Marxist left seeks to reduce the world to a single homogeneous order based on enforced economic equality. The multiculturalist left seeks a social order based on “diversity,” meaning a society in which there are many “equal” cultures and no dominant culture, and in which this same multicultural pattern is imposed on every institution. The economic conservatives seek a rationalized world order based on capitalist economic liberty, in which all particular nations and cultures will steadily disappear. The moralist neoconservatives (a group that is becoming less relevant as more and more of its members surrender to the dominant nihilist culture of “bourgeois bohemianism”) seek a world order based on family values, democratic capitalism and multiracialism, in which distinct cultures and peoples will have disappeared. (The moral neoconservatives imagine that society can maintain a moral consensus in the absence of any shared ethnocultural identity, history and loyalty, but simply on the basis of shared adherence to “ideas”—a Jacobinist formula if ever there was one.) Even leading Christian conservatives, ranging from Pope John Paul II to such evangelical groups as the Christian Coalition and Promise Keepers, have made moral crusades out of open borders and racial amalgamation.
I have said before that 19th century (or late 18th century) liberals are by and large modern conservatives. Such classic liberals wanted to take power away from the aristocracy and give it to the individual citizen. By the early 20th century, such efforts create the status quo, and thus modern conservatives were striving to conserve such a free-market small-l liberal democracy. Modern liberals desire was to take power away from the individual, especially the rich individual, and give it to the government. Thus, modern conservatives are loosely descended from 19th century liberals. However, to compare the stridently evangelical Christian Promise Keepers to the stridently anti-Christian Jacobeans is a bit of a stretch. The only two things the two groups have in common is that they challenge the status quo. The Jacobeans challenged the status quo of the French aristocracy and church, while the PK challenges the status quo of faithlessness and bigotry. Paleoconservatives tend to be against change, even if change is good. In the Postrellian paradigm, the paleocon is one of the enemies of the future, along with the Luddite left. I don't want the status quo in North Korea or Zimbabwe or Mexico or the US, I want something better, something richer both in faith and in wealth and in security and in freedom. Let's look at what Auster accuses the "moralist neoconservatives" of wanting, a "world order based on family values, democratic capitalism and multiracialism, in which distinct cultures and peoples will have disappeared. " If you translate that last description of multiracialism to a world where racism is recognized as a sin and treated as such, I stand guilty as charge, and proud of it. Why not export the best of American culture, of its evangelical faith and it's notions of freedom and equality and opportunity? It beats the heck out of what most countries have now. Or do you prefer countries keep autocrats and stagnation? American culture and values won't do in other cultures; they'll take the stuff of the US that they like and retain parts of their old culture as well. We should wish other cultures well, rather than keep them some sort of cultural preserve, destined to be poor and backward so rich Westerners can go visit the large historical theme park. I want to improve things. The centrist party to the north has the official title Progressive Conservative. To the paleocon, that's an oxymoron (the smart observer of Canadian politics would agree, they're neither). However, we can conserve American values while improving how we do things, being progressive in the true sense of the word, rather than being a modern political synonym for socialist. Oh, by the way, those American values aren't white ones. They may have European roots, but are open to anyone who wants to embrace them; they're universal, like God is. Paleocons sometimes forget that God doesn't have any racial background.

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