Tuesday, July 29, 2003

The Byron Cabinet 2009-This site has nominations going for a Glenn Reynolds 2009 cabinet after Papa Blog wins the Presidency on a party-to-be-named-later ticket. Bear with me while I do a little daydreaming. Fast forward to the spring of 2006. My writing skills have improved, I've written a couple of well-received books and have some name recognition among conservative Floridians and elsewhere, especially in the evangelical community. I've been on Booknotes to talk with Brian Lamb about my first book,A New General Theory of Economics, and have been on various Christian radio outlets as well. I throw my hat into a crowed ring for the 2006 Republican Senate nomination, and win with 32% of the vote in a five-way race, then go on to beat Bill Nelson in the general election, becoming only the second blogger in Congress. Hey, who was Paul Wellstone before he got his Senate seat but an obscure prof? With a broad support from bloggers around the country, I wind up becoming a part of a theocon-libertarian fusion campaign that learns from Howard Dean's success in getting the 2004 Democratic nomination. The unorthodox junior senator from Florida quickly develops a buzz led by conservative bloggers around the country serving as regional coordinators of a growing grassroots movement. We go on get the nomination; the Byron-Santorum ticket goes on to beat Hillary in 47 states. While a lot of bloggers were bummed not to get the VP spot, the help with Catholic voter and giving us Pennsylvania made Rick Santorum a solid choice for the spot. However, the Blogosphere will not be absent from the Byron White House.
The Cabinet
Secretary of State-Condi Rice. Sorry, I can't think of a blogger who would have the depth of knowledge and correctness on most issues. Attorney General-Eugene Volokh. Yes, he's a bit libertarian, but he's sharp as a tack. A future president might name him to the Supreme Court, but not this one. There are truckloads of good blogging lawyers or law students, but I don't think y'all will be insulted with this pick. I'll put William Sulik in as my Solicitor General. I want someone who can plead a good pro-life stance before the Supreme Court. Of course, the left will love to point out that the Byron administration has a Blithering Idiot for a spokesman. Defense Secretary-Steven Den Beste. He has to be part of the National Security team. If I get chummy with Rummy and he's up to another few years, I might slide Den Beste over to National Security Director instead, but I want him in the war room. Treasury Secretary-Megan McArdle. A Chicago Girl-what's not to love? Who better to spread the supply-side gospel? Labor Secretary-Larry Reed. He was a free-marketer before it was cool. The Mackinac Center chief and Northwood U Econ prof gets to do his thang in Washington. Agriculture Secretary-Bobby Allison-Gallimore. He might demure from the position, but he's got just the free-market head on his shoulders and the Ag-Econ degree to give the farm economy a good once-over. However, if Volokh and I don't mesh, I'd be sorely temped to more Bobby A-G to AG; he'll have his law degree by then. Health and Human Services-Dr. Five Points He's a knowledgeable Christian physician. Good person to run herd over Medicare and Medicaid. Commerce Secretary-Brink Lindsey. However, this will only be a temporary appointment, as we'll plan to merge this into the Labor department and rename it the Department of Economic Development. Education Secretary-Isabel Lyman. Ms. Homeschooling is as good of a choice as I can think of. Transportation Secretary-James Reuben Haney. The Anarchocapitalist Transportation Geek gets his dream job. Homeland Defense Secretary-Bryan Preston. I want someone that meaner than a junkyard blog fighting terrorists and bureaucracies. HUD Secretary-Open-Likely to be merged into the Economic Development department Energy Secretary-Open-Also to be put into E.D. Interior Secretary-Open. I'm looking for someone who loves the wilderness yet has a market-oreinted streak. I'd want the person to err on the side of protecting the enviroment in a market-friendly way; I can always play the bad cop. Veterans Affairs-I may not make friends with the VFW and American Legion, but I think this should either be back in Defence or in HHS. Since it mainly works with VA hospitals, I think HHS is its proper home.
The West Wing
Chief of Staff-Kevin Holtsberry. A good strategist and big-picture guy; he'd be handy to have around to keep my kill-them-all moments in check. National Security Director-Fred Pruitt. Picture Rantburg on my desk every morning with full access to classified stuff. That's his job in the Byron White House; I might have him do that as Den Beste's deputy if I keep Rummy on at Defense, but that's task one for him. Press Secretary James Lileks. Bene Diction was my first choice, but my advisors reminded me that Bene is Canadian; "Bene might be a good journalist, but we want an American there." I told them that citizenship wasn't a requirement. However, you've got to get Lileks into the mix, and who better to run herd over the White House press corps? Communications Director-Ben Domenech. I'm picturing him as Sam Seaborn's good twin, the guy to keep the Byron administration on message and stating things in just the right way. I want him to help edit my speeches and add good paragraphs that sound just like I'd like me to sound. Director of Domestic Policy-Josh Claybourn. An economist and (by 2009) lawyer with a great feel for both politics and policy, Josh and Megan can brainstorm on just how to craft and present our economic vision. White House Council-Fritz Schranck. The guy has a great depth of knowledge about the law and a side-winding sense of humor that will keep things loose. OMB Director-Jeffrey Collins. The one blogging accountant I know of, he'd be a good one to have on the team. NASA Director-Rand Simberg RNC Chairman-Patrick Ruffini. Who else? [Update 4:45 PM- Science Advisor-Dr. David Heddle. Not only the Blogospheres #1 Calvinist, but a Ph.D. in Physics. Dave, here's your payback for the oversight below.] UN Ambassador--Jason Steffens. Putting a good evangelical lawyer to be my rep to the world> I'd want someone who can bang a shoe when needed and negotiate when needed, and he seems to be up to the challenge Ambassador to Canada-Lee Anne Millinger-need to have a Michigander in that post. Ambassador to Haiti-John Adams Ambassador to Spain-Jesus Gil Ambassador to France-Jonah Goldberg. :-) Ambassador to Britain-Robert Bauer Ambassador to Germany-Stewart Buck Ambassador to Russia-Hedrick Smith. That's an odd choice, but he used to be the Moscow bureau chief for the NYT and wrote a very good book on Russia. Yes, he's Atlantic-style liberal, but has good common sense and would represent the country well. Ambassador to China-John Derbyshire. Yes, a newly naturalized American, but as a native Brit and Sinophile, his knowledge of the world is as good as they come. Ambassador to Japan-James Fallows. He did a long stint in Japan as a reporter, is a good common-sense guy even if he leans a bit to the left. Ambassador to Ireland-Mark Shea Ambassador to the Vatican-Amy Welborn. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Christopher Johnson. There are few good blog buddies I haven't put in the cabinet. Spudlets, Illinigirl and anyone else, we've still got deputy secretary spots open and quite a few ambassador spots open. [update 7/31 6:45-Illinigirl wants to head the Office of Emerging Technologies (my title) a.k.a the Technology Czarina. Done.]

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