Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The Black Lion in Winter?-The NAACP is having their convention in Miami Beach and most of the Democratic presidential contenders were in attendance. Gephardt, Lieberman and Kucinich were no-shows. NAACP chief Kweisi Mfume (gesundheit!) gave the AWOL candidates both barrels
"In essence, you now have become persona non grata," NAACP President Kweisi Mfume said of the Democrats who passed on the event. "Your political capital is the equivalent of confederate dollars."
Let's talk "code language," shall we. One would expect the NAALCP to lay the bigotry card on thick with Republicans. However, is it in the NAACP's best interest to smear as racists some of its best allies? From globalstewards.org, we have this NAACP Civil Rights Report Card for 2001-2002 for the six Democratic candidates who are members of Congress:
Edwards 94%
Gephardt 89%
Graham 97%
Kerry 100%
Kucinich 89%
Lieberman 94%
None of the guys on the list are the second coming of Jesse Helms, although the three no-shows were in the lower-half of the bunch (Lieberman's tied for third). If a voting with the NAACP 90% of the time gets you branded a confederate sympathizer if you don't show up to kiss Kweisi's ring, it shows the disconnect with reality that Mfume and company have with modern American life. A though came to me as I came home from my office this afternoon; is the NAACP having the same type of decay that the NCC is having? The black churches that make up the core of the NAACP's following are losing membership to newer, less political churches. As more affluent, more evangelical members bug out, the remnant gets more and more liberal and less and less powerful. All the NAACP is offering is a gospel of victimhood and of bitterness.

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