Saturday, July 12, 2003

Another Critical Mass, Sandy?-Via Minless Dreck, we get this NYT editorial from a Dr. Daniel C. Dennett, advocating rights for Brights. Well, just about all of the liberal coalition is a protected group, why not finish the job? If you add white male atheists and agnostics to women, blacks and Hispanics, how many Democrats would not qualify for some form of affirmative action? Just God-fearing white or Asian heterosexual males. What percentage of the Democratic vote is that? 10%, maybe 15% at best. Seriously, how many people are discriminated against because they're not a church-goer, especially in the academic circles that our good doctor runs around? Brights are probably a majority of the philosophy department at Tuffs where he hangs out. Were I to show up to teach Finance or Economics at Tuffs, I'd likely get more flak for being an evangelical Christian than he would for being a Bright. Yes, there are some church colleges he couldn't get hired at, but there are some secular schools I'd have trouble getting hired at due to my beliefs. In this day and age, anti-religious bigotry is more of a problem than anti-Brightism, especially on college campuses where Brightism is the dominant religion. One could see, baring legal action, Christians driven underground if Brights could claim a student carrying a Bible or wearing a cross presented a hostile environment. That sounds stupid, but in the realm of modern campuses, that's entirely feasible.

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