Sunday, July 06, 2003

Afternoon Musings-This is a mixed blessing; Jeffrey John has decided not to take the Bishop of Reading post. The openly bisexual priest who currently lives with his male lover (he claims platonically for a long while) has caught fire from the evangelical wing of the Anglican Church. This resignation will buy the Anglican leadership a few months to fend off schism. However, the Anglican left isn't off the hook yet; a gay bishop-designate in New Hampshire is still in play. [Update 5:30 Mr. Johnson has more-in depth comments] Tiger's running away with the Western Open; they're in a rain delay (no rain at the moment, but thunderstorms are going through the area to the east of us) but he's got a ten-shot lead at the moment. The British Open's in two weeks; look out for large felines prowling Scotland. The local paper quipped that the White Sox are turning into baseball's Bad Boys, getting ump-spitting Robbie Alomar and ump-bumping Carl Everett. The better line was when the legally-challenged Trail Blazers picked Travis Outlaw as their first pick.

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