Friday, July 25, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I'm trying to get seven hours of class mapped out for tomorrow and finally had my creative muse hit, creating the functional west African nation of Golimba ("...a small, stable democracy on Africa’s Atlantic coast; the devout Baptist prime minister has done a good job of weeding out corruption that has scarred neighboring countries.") and the Macho Nacho brand of tortilla chips,
...offering plain, Original Macho, Three-L-Lllama Jalapeño, (“A one-l lama is a Tibetan monk, a two-l llama is a South American beast of burden, but a Three-L-Lllama is one heck of a fire”) and Sour Cream & Onion flavors.
I even got to use a Virginia Postrel piece for the mergers part tomorrow afternoon. The California recall election is October 7th, buying as much time as possible. The Note mentioned this piece on Jack Kemp's name being floated as a possible candidate. It may be the conservative's best shot, a Buffalo wing and a prayer to stop Ahnold from getting in. Leon Panetta's name is also being floated as a possible concensus Democratic candidate; that would be a good pick that might just win if the Democrats opt to go away from the Gray or Bust strategy. Somehow this slipped under my radar, but Andrew Dodge is back in the blog saddle in frisky libertarian form, giving both barrells to anti-medical-pot folks; however, these pictures make him look like Meat Loaf's character in Rocky Horror, where the rest of the party had him for dinner.
"Meat Loaf Again?" "Don't eat the Meat Loaf!!"

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