Monday, July 21, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I'm not sure whether it will be any good, but Rob Dreher has convinced his Dallas Morning News collegues to Cornerize the DMN, running their own in-house blog. This is a deeplink that they might not mind, when compaired to where we were a year ago last May. Did the Barking Dogs bad PR start to give them appreciation for blogs? Behind the Net has a good piece on Kobe and why a trial would be in his best interest, especially if he simply fell prey to the temptations of a cute cheerleader. He points out a similar (if the news of the weekend is pointing correctly) case involving VT/49ers QB Jim Druckenmiller a few years ago, where drunken sex got trumped up into a rape charge. OK, who do we want to be the next receipent of this novel procedure? Howard Stern? Enimem? Mike Tyson? Or do y'all have a better nominee? Don't read too much into the Blair-in-trouble stories. It's going to take a couple more hits to get the left wing of his party to try and take him down and about as much to get the dead-in-the-water Conservatives to look good in comparison.

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