Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Thinking Young-Hold your cards, we have a winner-Rummy nailed one today over in Germany
The key, I believe, is that even as they are busy looking inward and rebuilding their economies and societies, they have had the vision to look outward as well, to find ways they can contribute to a more peaceful and secure world... It suggests that the distinction between old and new in Europe today is really not a matter of age or size or even geography. It is really a matter of attitude — of the vision that countries bring to the trans-Atlantic relationship.
It is possible to teach an old European dog new tricks; exhibit A is Italy under Berlusconi. If you went back 15 years to the patchwork quilt Christian Democrats-and-friends-of-the-month goverments, you wouldn't have expected such a change. Other "Old Europe" countries can be a part of this new coalition, if they junk their old attitudes; translation-"Earth calling Paris, Earth calling Paris. Come in, Paris."

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