Monday, June 30, 2003

Supreme Court Fallout-Some interesting commentary on the right side of the Blogosphere on the Texas sodomy decision. Ben Domenech points out Thomas' succinct concurrent dissent coming close to my opinion; it might be wrong, but it's not unconsititional. The decision's got Christ Burgwald sufficiently steamed that it will raise the temperature in the upper Midwest a few degrees. Meanwhile, Bryan Preston lays out some nightmare scenerios about the criminalization of heterosexism, or at least making it an actionable civil claim. I've got a longer post in me on this, but I don't think we will have the United States as we know it if conservative churches are required to hire homosexual staff and hold same-sex services; civil war would be a real possibility. First, I don't think Kennedy and O'Connor are going to sign off on such a law, despite the recent cases. Those two, especially O'Connor, are set upon "doing the right thing," and such rulings would rupture American culture. Also, there is a difference between the state making sexual acts criminal and making theological opinions criminal; the free-exercise clause of the First Ammendment has more persuasive power. The Boy Scout decision leads me to think that churches are safe for the foreseable future.

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