Sunday, June 29, 2003

Stochastic Thoughts From a Trip North-South Carolina has a lot of dedicated interchanges. Not highways, interchanges. Is that an offshoot of the Southern ethic of honor? That gives them more stuff to name and more people to give props to. In North Carolina, there was a Bill Lee highway. I didn't think they cared about the Spaceman in the Carolinas. Turns out this Bill Lee was a Duke Power bigwig active in civic affairs. Going through West Virginia, I spotted a lot of "Certified Business Location" signs. This seems to be the state web site for setting those up; sounds like a lot of pork and full-employment policy for consultants. Speaking of pork, I got a good laugh at the Robert Byrd Drive in Bluefield; Porkasaurus Rex gets at least a street named after him. An odd conversation started as we drove through Charleston, WV yesterday; a conversation on Charleston Chews. I recalled having them as a kid circa 1970 (best served frozen) and wondered if they still made them. Eileen spotted one in the candy rack of the hardware store this afternoon (getting a three prong-to-two-prong converter for my laptop, old wiring at my parent's house); it is in the freezer at present for the proper presentation for a Charleston Chew.

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