Thursday, June 05, 2003

Regime Change at the Gray Lady-The Blogosphere may have mounted another head on the wall; Howard Raines has resigned as the NYT executive editor. I haven't seen any non-blog writups yet, but the Truth Squads of Blogistan have been Raines' biggest foe and seem to have been instrumental in bringing him down, as they were with Trent Lott. I haven't covered the problems at the Times much, for I haven't had much original to say. Raines' predecessor, Joseph Lelyveld, will be returning as an interim replacement.The flak that the NYT received on this one may have forced the investors to pull the plug on Raines. The appearance of both bias and dishonesty seemed to be enough to drive people away from the newspaper. I don't think that Lelyveld is going to turn the NYT into Fox News on Dead Tree, but he might well correct the sloppy editing and overt liberal slanting of the news. However, as Ben reports, a lot of the bad editing practices started on Lelyveld's watch The Raines regime did more crusading than in the past; the hype about the Masters that brought about 40 women to protest showed a disconnect with reality. Even if this doesn't take away the liberal slant from the Times, it should reduce it and let a lot of air out of quite a few egos. The NYT has a place in the American news mix as a place for serious discussion of foreign affairs and other topics. By its big city and big journalism nature, it's likely to stay a left-leaning rag, but if it covers the news reasonablly even-handedly and truthfully, I'll keep it bookmarked. I'd love to see Sullivan's take on this-he hasn't posted since the wee hours of this morning.

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