Thursday, June 19, 2003

A Quick Survey of Triclavianism-Señor Gil had this interesting link yesterday
June 4, 2003 -- We have moved again. While closely rereading the Statement of Faith of our previous webhost, Cross Spot, we made the sad discovery that they are not firm enough in their opposition to the erroneous doctrine of triclavianism. As such, we feel that it is best that we part our ways, but we will keep them in our prayers. We are currently investigating different web hosting options. Until we finalize our plans, we will be temporarily keeping the OBJECTIVE: Ministries site here, at the address http://objective.jesussave.us/.
First, I wound up taking a look at what the heck triclavianism means. This site stated it as the "belief that only three nails were used at Christ's crucifixion." The Bible itself is mute on the issue. First-century archeological evidence points to three nails being the norm for crucifixion at the time (New Bible Dictionary, Tyndale, 1982, page 253-254) although early church art used four nails, switching to three nails around the 13th century. Thus, this doesn't seem to be something someone would lose any sleep over in a web host, let alone question someone's drive to stamp out what would seem to be a factual position. A closer look at the web site in question shows it being a parody site, along with the Landover Baptist parody that it rails against. The Objective Ministries site lays the parody on two notches lighter than Landover, who has support groups for ex-Negros or the woman's group Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers with its catchy acronym. Methinks that the server change had more to do with increasing prices than triclavianism, although the Objective Ministries people are free to try and correct my assessment.

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