Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Morning Musings-Start out with some prayers for Jeffrey Collins and James Lileks. Jeff's out at the Arizona branch of the Mayo Clinic getting his neurological problems looked at; readers of his have likely been praying anyways, but another dose will help. Some yet-to-be-disclosed bad juju has hit Lilek's life, but he's metaphoricly comparing it to the tornados that went through the Twin Cities yesterday. Pray that whatever is going down bounces in his favor. Here's one that shows us what a difference 9-11 makes. We had opportunites to have Preditors take out Osama in early 2001 and couldn't quite pull the trigger. Note that's 2001, not in the Clinton era. Clinton has been roasted for not doing anything significant (other than the Wag-the-Dog Sudan incident) against Osama, but this points to American, not liberal, civility in not wanting to stoop to something that feels like an assasination. Israelis don't think twice about such terrorist terminations, but they've been being bombed on a regular basis for decades. 9-11 gave us the anti-terrorism chutzpah to fight a bit dirty. Three-and-a-half years for anti-Semitic remarks? This guy, one of the leading thugs generals in the Argentinian junta of the 70s and early 80s, seemed to deserve some time in the pokey, but this make taking down Al Capone for tax evasion seem like clean justice by comparison. Will we see the human rights groups come to Gen. Suarez Mason's aid and defend his right to free speech? No, we've got the Latin version of the ends justifies the means; "¡Simplemente triunfo, niño!"

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