Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Morning Musings-Interesting post over at 111:2, where Jenny points out the NASB's permissions policy. I've put a modified version of their requested statement in the bottom of the link column. I will push the date back as I double-check the quotes I've used over the months. I also decided to add a copyright notice; not that I'm going to be a bear about things, but just to cover my backside in case I want to reuse this stuff in the future. This is a deceptive headline-"Colleges Cheer Affirmative Action Decision." They won't be cheering for long, for I think this just opens up another can of worms for reverse discrimination lawsuits. I'm not sure what they're going to call it, but I can see the beginnings of a Evangelical Anglican Community forming from conservative churches in the southern half of the world. I don't remember the Australian Anglicans being that conservative, but Sydney archbishop Peter Jensen states his opposition to two newly appointed homosexual bishops in Britain and New Hampshire
Dr Jensen said the church had been brought to the crossroads over the issue. "Yes it is ... it's not really ... about homosexuality, it's really about the authority of scripture (and) it happens to be this issue which has come before us and I'm saddened by that....No-one wants the church to split, that would be a grave disaster for us all. On the other hand, there are moments when we must make a stand and say 'We cannot let this go by without controversy and difficulty for us all'."
Señor Gil commented on a comparable piece and suggested that conservative Anglicans might look into crossing the Tiber and joining up with the Catholics. Not likely as a group, but likely for some individuals. I have one friend who grew up high-church Episcopal who converted when she married a Catholic guy and has seen her spiritual life improve; she has a walk on a par with a number of the good Catholic bloggers I've met over the years.

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