Thursday, June 19, 2003

Morning Musings-The ex-Michigander in me hurt a bit to see what's happened up in Benton Harbor this week. However, this seems to be a common occurance around the country, where appearant police injustice to blacks sparks a riot. In this case, a black guy died in a chase, likely trying to resist arrest for driving with a suspended licence, when he crashed his motorcycle. That was enough to set a poor black town into Rodney King mode. Benton Harbor is odd that it's a small (12,000) black semi-rural town in a state whose black population is centered in large metropolitan areas like Detroit, Flint and Lansing; with few exceptions (rural Baldwin south of Traverse City comes to mind), Michigan doesn't have many small black towns. Do you think the mullahs are a bit nervous in Iran? Duyba is laying done the non-prolieration law with them as well as backing the protestors. That box of bones of Jesus brother James proved to be a hoax, according to Israeli officials. The box was ancient but the inscription was modern. Chucky to sell OJ? Well, the Bucs are a hot Florida commodity. I'm still waiting for the South African government to bolster its gold sales by a new line of Freddie Krugerands.

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