Monday, June 16, 2003

Monday Moanin'-Felt like using that title; for those of you who have the Detroit Free Press in your history, you might remember Bob Talbert who had a daily column. His Monday Moanin' column was sorta a proto-blog, giving about a couple dozen short takes on things on his mind. Had he lived past '99, I wouldn't have been surprised to see him blogging or something close to it today. What is wrong with this paragraph about Egyptian diplomacy?
Negotiators who met representatives of 13 groups including Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza City found the militants still committed to armed resistance after a week of attacks in which 60 people died.
Answer: the number 13. You couldn't get them to recite the basic Islamic declaration of faith in unison, let alone get all of them to agree to a ceasefire; such groups declare a ceasefire when they're reloading. Give the Admiral his props. He went out with a title, after the Spurs won last night, 88-77. Give even more props to Tim Duncan, who had a great stat game, with a 21-point, 20 rebound, 10 assist game; he was two blocks away from a whomper-jaw-inducing quadruple-double. You have to like these two guys, who are the anti-Iversons of the NBA, good guys who get the job done on the floor with no trash-talking and no police records. Both Robinson and Duncan are class acts that deserve more respect than they get due to their low-key personas. They couldn't have written a much better script for Jim Furyk yesterday; he gets to win the US Open with his coach-dad and baby girl at the course on Father's Day, even overcoming a topless women fan who came out onto the 11th green. This isn't going to help the Catholic Church. I hadn't heard of this commission that former OK Gov. Frank Keating was heading up, but his priestly-sexual-abuse commission wasn't getting cooperation from some places, including LA's Cardinal Mahony. Keating compares the church to the Mob in its secrecy and Mahony gets Keating canned. It reminds me of an old Cold-War era joke
"Sergei got 21 years in the Gulag for calling the general an idiot? Wasn't that harsh?" "No. He only got a year for insulting a superior officer; he got 20 for revealing a state secret."
What Keating said was both insulting and true and was thus that more painful for the slow-moving bishops to take. Keating may well have been right to go after the omerta that seems to be a good hunk of the problem, as fellow priests come across as looking to protect their own at the expense of the church and the Church. I'm not a Catholic, but such stonewalling doesn't do the Body of Christ much good.

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