Monday, June 23, 2003

Midday Musings-Do we have Breyer having moments of clarity? He joined the center-right block to shoot down Michigan's undergrad admissions and the same six-pack signed off on federally-mandated library Internet filters. You may have the right to surf porn sites, but not on the Federal nickel. The more federalist among us might feel guilty about using the power of the purse to force the nanny-filters (the one here at Warner screens out Blogspot.com) onto local library computers, but the American Library Association seems to be so militantly anti-censorship that they seem to be flacks for the libertine wing of American politics; you can fit my sympathy in a flea's navel and still have room for both Bill and Hillary's moral compasses. Speaking of AA, there was a pilgrimage to the Rev-run Jackson making sure all good Democrats toed the line this weekend. Graham and Edwards did the smart thing and stayed far away from this meeting. There are a few good soundbites here that will be fun in a general election; take good notes, Patrick. I didn't catch this last week, but Bulls point guard Jay Williams got badly hurt in a motorcycle crash, making da Bulls scramble to figure out how to replace him. As a group, Dukies tend to be quality guys, but their point guards are starting to have a history of doing themselves in off the court; Bobby Hurley ruined his career in a car crash a decade ago.

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