Sunday, June 01, 2003

Mad Bomber Musings-It looks likes they've caught the Olympic bomber-Eric Rudolph was caught going through a dumpster in the mountains of North Carolina yesterday. He was wanted for bombing a gay bar and a building with an abortion clinic as well. One of the things that interested me about the coverage here is this factoid that I don't recall being covered prior to this, although the coverage of Rudolph was mostly six years old, so I'm open to the oversight being in my memory rather than the reportage.
Rudolph is thought to be a follower of the white supremacist Christian Identity religion that is rabidly anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-Semitic.
It would have changed the coverage a bit if that was was more widely mentioned at the time. As I recall, by just talking about him being anti-abortion and a homophobe, it implied blame on the entire religious right rather than a violent Klan-on-steriods group. A quick Google showed that the info was out there, but I don't recall any of the media I saw or heard mention it. Now that he's caught, we'll likely see a good hunk of coverage try to portray Rudolph as just a nice church boy that the bigotry of the Bible Belt made ready for white supremacists. CI isn't Christian in any meaningful sence, for they have to do more twisting of the Bible than liberals do to justify race war. However, I'd expect some coverage try to make CI sound like the logical extention of fundamentalist theology.

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