Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Late Night MusingsIt looks like Blogger has done its alledged upgrade. It doesn't look like much of an upgrade; the new format seems as buggy as ever and changes some of the editing codes. The bold code goes from b to "strong" and the italics goes from i to em. However, if they've fixed the archive problem, they may get to keep a customer for a while. This might change US-Canadian relations; the Ontario Appeal Court (the province's highest court) made same-sex marriages legal immediately. That might make tying Windsor knots popular among the pink triangle crowd; others might go pronto to Toronto to get hitched. The sad part is that polls had a majority of Canadians in favor of the change; you hosers up north are starting to make San Francisco look old-school. I've got a bad feeling about Haley Barbour's run for Mississippi governor. His lobbying firm seems to have bad taste in clients, including Ted Turner. I was going to blast him for being in bed with the gambling industry, but that was one of his GOP predecessors, Frank Fahrenkopf, who did that lobbying.

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