Monday, June 23, 2003

Late-Night Musings-Justice is served. It's a pity Bove's only getting 10 months, but the French may actually be throwing the first blow against the anarcholeft. Well overdue, but nice to see. Might I suggest he be transferred to Nuevo York and have this fine gentleman as a cellmate? Sully's been calling for a Iranian freedom flood-the-zone day on July 9th and Lilac Rose is calling out the Christian bloggers to join the cause. Consider me called-out; I can squeeze in some time between teaching my on-line class and celebrating Eileen's cousin's birthday in Rockford to do some Iranian-freedom blogging. Better that Deep-Link Dallas Day. We have been having wall-to-wall rain for about two weeks here in central Florida, and a dam about an hour southwest of us is bursting at the seams. I'm glad we're bugging out for the Great Lakes Friday.

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