Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Great Lakes State Musings-This might help the Gephardt campaign; Michigan has decided to move its Democratic presidential caucus (actually more like a party-run primary) up to Saturday, February 7th. Here's one to be wary of; Internet voting is an option here. That will be four days after South Carolina, Arizona, Delaware and Missouri go on Tuesday the 3rd. If Gephardt wins Iowa, Missouri and Michigan, he might still be a player, but if he loses Michigan, he's probably toast. The new GOP state AG, Mike Cox, was investigating rumors of a cover-up of party escapades involving Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Merely rumors, for the alleged nudity and assault wasn't confirmed and chalked up as an urban legend seemingly cooked up by a fired Kilpatrick staffer. The intriguing thing is that this is the first time in my lifetime (IIRC) that there has been a Republican AG; Frank Kelly was state AG from the early 60s to 1999 and was followed by now-Gov Granholm. Would Kelly or Granholm have investigated Dennis Archer or Coleman Young? There would likely have been a treasure trove of stuff in the Young days to look at, but that is ancient history.

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