Monday, June 30, 2003

Giving the Democrats a Wedgie-Here's a good election-year GOP wedge issue; a Defense of Marriage constitutional amendment that Sen. Frist seems to be backing. That would force Democrats (and a few RINOs) to say whether they support same-sex marriage in an election year. It would be a win-win for Republicans. If they get support, fine, if not, they get great attack-ad fodder. This would likely get two-thirds of both houses of Congress; if not, the Democrats can be pointed to as the party of immorality for blocking passage in Congress. Once passed, it is likely to be approved in all but a handful of states. It'll be hard to pin the charge of fundamentalist whack-job on the supporters of the amendment, while it will be easy to pin charges of being hostile to traditional morality on the foes. If properly done, it will both keep Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald from getting hitched and pick off a few liberal Democrats in the process.

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