Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Front Page Haiku
Governor Conan? Arnold says to Gray Davis, "Hasta la vista".
The recall petitions seems to be on track to force an election. Democrats may try to boycott the replacement part of the recall election in order to get wayward Democrats to vote against a recall, for then keeping Davis would be the only way to avoid a Republican. I think Schwarzenegger might make that strategy problematic. His afterschool-program persona and centrist (at least) views on abortion make him palitable to the soccer mom crowd. In the absence of a serious Democratic contender, Schwarzenegger would grab a lot of normally-Democratic voters and give swing voters a positive reason to vote out Davis. I think the best way for the Democrats to keep the governor's mansion, short of getting Davis to resign prior to an election would be to rally behind a single replacement, possibly Diane Finestein. If they don't, three or four small-fry Democrats from various ethnic factions will split up the Democratic vote, leaving Ah-nold to win with a 35% plurality.

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