Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Free Hamburgers Tomorrow-That was the sign at the diner in Higgins Lake my Mom's family went to when she was a kid. Occasionally, some naïf would come back the next day looking for their gratis greaseball, only to be told to look at the sign. Yesterday's New Brunswick election (thanks to Bene for the link) saw the Progressive Conservatives are neither nearly lose power in the provincial legislature by the Liberals promising a 25% cut in auto insurance rates and/or a publicly run system. Assuming that the insurance industry in New Brunswick is competitive, a 25% rate cut will need to be done either by subsidizing the industry or by setting up a state-run fund that will be subsidized by the province. What the politicians aren't saying is that such a rate cut will either mean reduction in damage awards or higher taxes. Guess which one is likely? Guess who's back at the diner looking for the free hamburger? The voters of New Brunswick.

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