Saturday, June 14, 2003

Evening Musings-This was one of the longer days I've had in a while; 5:30 alarm, out the door before 6 to get to Melbourne by 8 (2 hour drive); squeeze in an edifier that pulled Karl Thiene's Orthodox chatty ring (a hopefully thoughtful reply will come tomorrow), spend the day trying with some success teaching time-value-of-money concepts to my Managerial Finance class, then heading over to Lakeland for a wedding reception; my 9-5 class didn't get me back to Lakeland in time for a 6PM wedding. One of the interesting things I was reflecting on was how fast 15 and 30 years have gone by. I thought back to June of 1988, where I missed the wedding of a couple from the singles group from my church at the time taking the GMAT (SAT for business grad schools) but making the reception; fast forward a decade and a half, going through the Ph.D. I was hoping to get that day, and I'm missing an wedding due to a Saturday non-traditional class I'm teaching. ____ The other spooky thing was when I was channel surfing on the way back from Melbourne this afternoon, hearing Summer Breeze, a Seals and Croft oldie; my mind was saying "1973 or so... that song is thirty years old." Actually, it's from 1972, as the DJ mentioned, but my musical memory banks have thirty-plus years of coverage. I'm not sure if you have a point of musical history that from that point to the present is "current" stuff that you remember hearing on the radio as new hits and a point before that where stuff is "oldies" that was historic when your coherent memories kicked in. For me, that point is about 1970, when I was 9. However, that makes the back-end of what my mind things of as current is now part of oldies channels. What's even more disturbing is that they now have 80s oldies channels; stuff that I was too mature to appreciate fully is now oldies. My quip of long standing is starting to become true; when they start marketing luxury cars with the music from your teen years, you're getting old. _____ No, the peace process can't be salvaged. However, the US has played this current diplomatic game very well, playing the good cop and then letting Hamas ruin things. The US now can pin the blame on a lack of peace on Hamas and allow the Israelis to go and kick butt. The Roadmap gambit showed the PA to be impotent and Hamas to be the bad actor, which was needed. ________ Now that the US had gotten a few diplomatic points on the board, time to get out the can 'o diplomatic whuppin' on Belgium- since their judicial system sees anybody as fair game for human rights charges, US officials aren't safe to go to NATO HQ without being arrested; I'd recommend pulling out of NATO altogether, but this reminds me of a bus-full of plaintiff’s lawyers going off a cliff; it's a good start. [sorry, all my lawyer and law-school buddies]

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