Monday, June 09, 2003

Evening Musings-The blasted sinus infection has cut into my blogging (and work) schedule, but I got some good drugs in the system, both for the infection and for the mild allergies. I also got an EKG to clear me to start an exercise program; I'm going to pick the brain of one of the Phys-Ed profs on how to start a weights-and-exercise program one the infection clears up. Is it just my phone, or has AT&T started a massive telemarketing campaign? I am looking forward to the national no-call list that will starting this fall. I just found out that Florida is one of many states that has do-not-call legislation. However, the Florida plan costs $10/year; I'll wait. Eileen's warned me to stay away from the prairie dogs when we head north later this month; we've got a monkeypox outbreak in the western Great Lakes region. Symptoms of monkeypox include a taste for cheese and white flags rashes, fever and chills. Those of us old enough to have gotten smallpox vaccine as a kid might be covered, for monkeypox is close enough to smallpox (but not nearly as deadly) to invoke a immune response. Chris Johnson at MCJ is all over the bisexual Episcopal bishop-designate in New Hampshire; start here and keep scrolling down for earlier posts. The national Episcopal church will have to play bad cop on this one or face exponential growth of the Anglican Mission in America. However, there seems to be some strong opposition from other bishops.

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