Monday, June 30, 2003

Continental Political Drift-Could we be seeing the French Pym Fortuyn in young Ms. Sabine Herold? Not in a sexual sense (I'm assuming she likes guys) but as a charismatic libertarian who might give the political system a swift kick in the derrière. Both MCJ and Instapundit have blogged on this Telegraph piece on her trip to London. In a post-Christian Europe, the political divide will likely shift to socialist-libertarian in the years to come, something that status-quoian conservative parties don't quite know how to handle. The status-quoian parties, often running on a "Christian Democrat" label, seem to be losing ground to both libertarian-leaning outfits like List Pym Fortuyn in the Netherlands or nativist paleoconservatives like the Flemish Bloc in Belgium or the Freedom Party in Austria. To be fair, LPF had an anti-immigrant agenda, but was otherwise best described as libertarian. Without the leavening of religious groups, one of the two blocs on the right will likely be the challengers to the socialists/social democrats. When European conservatives have all the appeal to the young of Bob Dole, they will likely have either to adapt or die. With a growing Islamic community in many European countries, the temptation will be to move to a Pat Buchanan-style culture war, but warring for secular liberalism rather than a Christian heritage. That prospect seems to fast forward two decades into street brawls between skinheads and "rag-heads" and a very dystopic Europe. The less dystopic European future has the political fight coming between socialists and libertarians. Hard-working immigrants might take a light to a free-market party and natives sick of a meddling government could be brought over to their camp as well. The resulting government may be just as sexually decadent as those of the left, but at least their economies will function and Islamic immigrants will have something to look forward to other than a stagnant economies that will breed continental madrassas. Short of a Great Awakening in Europe, the prospect of a French President Herold sounds a lot better that some National Front leader or the Socialists getting in charge.

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