Monday, June 30, 2003

An Answer to a Bleg-Lee Ann Millinger points to the Michigander's blog (the state uses Michiganian as the official adjective, but as a native of the state, I like Michigander. I'm partial to the old cartoon goose bumper sticker-"I'm a Michi-gander"), who has this bleg
How do I get stuff to indent? I'd like to set off my poems and writings I am commenting on, but I'd like to save italics and bold for emphasizing and clarifying my own words. Also, where exactly do I insert comments into the blogcode? Help help.
You get that neat effect with "blockquote." Just put <blockquote> in front of your text and </blockquote> behind it. You can nest them, too, being able to double-indent the stuff your sourse quote blockquoted. Another good trick to have in your bag of tricks is a link to an HTML character set like this one; that will give you codes for characters that aren't on your keyboard, or ones you want the computer to take literally as opposed to being part of the HTML directions. For instance, I had to use character 60 (less than) and character 62 (greater than) in the last paragraph to get it to print <blockquote> without it taking it as a command. As far as comments are concerned, there are a number of free commenting services that are at least worth the price. YACCS is a popular one that I use. It does tend to go AWOL from time to time, as it did earlier this afternoon. Moveable Type, for the more adventurous among us, comes with fairly robust comments built in. By the way, Tim, if you included an E-mail address, you might get more responces to blegs. I didn't see one there.

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