Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Very interesting Den Beste piece on North Korea. His solution: a Chinese invasion/takeover with recovery package financed with US/Japanese/South Korean aid. Crazy enough to work, and an improvement over the status quo for all concerned. How real is my realpolitik? The meter just got pinned, but it is a solution that is doable. John Edwards is starting very much to look like a cute version of Phil Gramm circa 1995-96, with tons of ready money but next-to-no supporters. Zogby (grains of salt sold separately; thanks to Ben for the link) has him at 2% in New Hampshire. California may have a political nuclear bomb about to go off in a recall election on the Gray Gentleman. The petition drive seems to be gathering steam, and Democrats will be in an awkward spot, as the replacement election will be held at the same time, non-partisan and no runoffs; the person getting the most votes wins, assuming Davis is recalled. There are so many variables to this equation, it makes the Black-Scholes derivation seem straight forward. Will Arnold run? Will Riordon? Which Democrat(s) will run? This will wind up being a Poli-Sci major's erotic fantasy.

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