Saturday, June 07, 2003

Afternoon Musings-A sinus infection has kept me low the last couple of days, and a Blogger outage this morning kept me from posting the Martha Stewart and Prop 13 posts below until just now. I'm tempted to see what the new Blogger and the new hosting service from MT looks like, for I'm leery of spending a lot of money on this without having to. However, I'm tired of getting "links not working" from my fellow bloggers when they note my good work. MLB seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, giving Sammy Sosa an eight-game suspension for his corked bat. Albert Belle got 7 days for his comperable escapade back in 1996, so we might be seeing sentence inflation. However, they've been tough on crime for a while; they've had a three-strikes rule for over a century. Some people might take this to be bad news, as Josh did yesterday, but I think it is good news that Hamas isn't going to call for a ceasefire going into talks with the Israelis. Hamas and the other militant groups are going to have to be pacified or destroyed before a settlement can be reached. The question will be whether Abbas and the PA can do that, or whether we have to return to the raids of a year ago. Now, Israel can go after the autoboomer nests, having played the good cop, and the US gets a feather in its cap for trying to advance the mythical "peace process," making up in part for a big pile of badwill generated in a lot of quarters over Iraq. I haven't sat down and watched a Triple Crown race in years, but Eileen and I will likely do so this afternoon as Funny Cide goes for the record books at the Belmont. If D. Wayne Lucas hadn't said "Even the Hollywood guys couldn't come up with this one" I would have; a gelding who gets bought by six Long Island upstate New York guys for $75,000 gets to win the big one. That's a lot better than last year's War Emblem, owned by a Saudi prince. [Update 6:20PM-I heard the wrong story; the broadcast had them from near Lake Ontario, not Long Island]

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