Thursday, June 05, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Oh, the joys of a laptop. I got over to Melbourne an hour early for my Financial Management class, give Eileen a call, then whip out my other Precious and find the Space Coast POPS. Sully has weighed in on the regime change at the NYT
And this is what this campaign was all about. It wasn't personal pique. I started to criticize the drift of the Raines Times months before he decided to purge anyone at the Times who dissented from his politics and his personal agendas. It was about stopping a hugely important media institution from becoming completely captive to the elite left and a mercurial, power-crazy Southern liberal. Of course, that battle isn't over. But the massive power-grab that Raines attempted was foiled in the end. And Lelyveld is the perfect interim choice. This is good news - for the media, the Times, above all for the blogosphere, which played a critical part in keeping this story alive - and lethal.
Amen; Sully seems to like Lelyveld better than Ben. In other good news, the House passed a partial-birth abortion ban today, 282-139. There still is a bit of conference committee work, possibly trimming off non-binding Senate language supporting Roe, but a bill will get to Dubya's desk sooner or later. Sammy Sosa seems to be owed a little benefit of the doubt; the rest of his bats weren't corked. Ben has a nice piece on the Sosa affair and how a lot of people, myself included, got a bit judgmental about the likable Dominican slugger. He'll get a lighter sentence than Albert Belle got years ago because of his likeability. You give them an inch, and they want to be a ruler. After passing a half-percent sales tax increase for school construction last month, the Polk County commissioners wants to tack on another quarter-percent for health care for the poor. This might be a trend, to finance the most heart-tugging stuff with a tax increase so they don't have to make hard choices on the more discressionary stuff. The Pope made his 100th foreign visit, to Croatia, to move along the sainthood process for a local nun. They were showing footage of John Paul staggering off the plane as I ate linner (half lunch/half dinner); an old lady in the restaurant was almost in tears with respect for him-"What a great man." When he goes, he will be missed, and not just by Catholics. He has transformed the image of the Roman Catholic Church into a more personal one; whoever follows will have a tough act to follow.

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