Monday, June 16, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Fun typos-My Managerial Finance quiz on bonds had, at one point, a question on a callable bong. A voice-responsive robot hookah from Cal Tech? No, just a bond that a firm that refinance early. Things aren't looking good in the short-term in Israel; somehow, I'm hearing Sharon channeling Bugs: "You do realize that this means war." It may be for the best in the long term, for either the Israelis or the Palestinians will have to do a knock-down-drag-out with Hamas and the other irredentist groups before there is a long-term peace. The more I see of Jim Tressel, the more I like; he may well do the impossible and make an Ohio State fan out of me (except when they play Michigan or MSU). Check out the new contract that OSU gave him
The contract also contains bonuses tied to the academic performance of the team, but at Tressel's request, the only athletic bonus is an additional $200,000 if the Buckeyes play in the BCS championship game.
Likeably old-school. This is scary- one of the guys that charged onto the White Sox field last year was part of a cleaning crew for the US Open this week with credentials that got him close to the action. William Ligue claims to be "a changed man," but that wasn't one of the USGA's security people's finest hour.

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