Thursday, May 15, 2003

Saudi Bombing Musings-A local guy, Todd Bair, was one of the victims of Monday's bombings. His dad is the Lake Wales High swim coach; IIRC, Dr. Schwatze shared at one of our meetings yesterday that his son knew the younger Bair. On The Corner earlier today, Rich Lowrey ask for some "interesting thoughts" on Bob Graham's criticism of President Bush's security policy, that the bombings might not have occurred if less attention were paid to Iraq and more were paid to al Qaeda. I E-mailed him this. For Graham's charge to have merit, we'd have to assume that (1) There were allied intelligence sources in Saudi Arabia capable of stopping the bombings and (2) Said sources were redeployed to do work on Iraq. Given the broad base of al Qaeda sympathizers in Saudi Arabia, including quite a few in the government, it would have been hard to shut down the operation without an invasion. Also, the two efforts used different types of intelligence assets that didn't have much of an overlap, so that resources needed to prepare for war in Iraq wouldn't have been pulled. Of course, it is hard to say that extra staff couldn't have made that one key connection needed to break the case, but wouldahs, couldahs and shouldahs can always take four to five strokes off your golf game.

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